Soumashree Chandra

MBA student Soumashree Chandra

MBA 2022, India

“The comfort zone is nothing else but a graveyard for your dreams and ideas.” Anonymous

A quick learner, a compassionate team member and an inquisitive being, I am passionate about data driven solutions in technology and product sector. With almost four years of experience working at Accenture, as well as Deloitte as a consultant, I have collaborated with clients from all across the globe specially in FMCG sector. I have worked on tools such as SQL, Jira, Azure Cloud Platform.

Being a fitness enthusiast and self-taught chef, I always experiment and expand my comfort boundaries to learn more.


  • Pinnacle Award FY21 – for showcasing extraordinary business outcomes (Accenture 2021)
  • AWS Certified Developer Associate (2020)
  • IBM Certified Application Developer – Watson V3 Certification (2019)

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

I wish to start my own business in near future and the Kent Business School MBA programme focuses on entrepreneurship and also has the ASPIRE Lab which supports the start-up journey. I somewhere felt stagnant in a 9-5 desk job and wanted more out of my life. I had started a small business from home during the pandemic and that’s when I felt I need to educate myself in this field in order to dream big.


3-year plan – Work for the big 4 as a trusted advisor/consultant preferably in the cloud technology in the UK and work on my start up ideas alongside and raise fundings.

7-year plan – Implement my business idea.


It’s all about your ideas and your confidence which will drive your business to success. You cannot be always right, you will make mistakes, but most importantly learn out of it and never repeat it.