Inetina Ebitonmor

MBA Student Inetina Ebitonmor

MBA 2022, Nigeria

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”

An expert in Financial Markets (FM) sales who generate leads/revenue and collaborates, I am skilled at communicating with diverse clients and stakeholders. I have over a decade of experience assisting corporate clients (both multinationals and locals) with vanilla and derivative solutions to manage their currency, interest rate, and commodities exposures. Having worked in the field of Financial Markets, Corporate/Investment Banking, and Wealth/Asset Management in the past.
A further area of interest is mentoring and empowering girls and women to become game-changers/leaders in their areas enabling them to have an influence on their communities/the world.


  • Consistently monitored financial market changes in interest rates, currencies, commodities, etc., and recommended risk mitigation measures that allowed customers to maximise their profit and lower their expenses for over a decade – and consistently received bank/CEO recognition/awards for beyond excellence in sales and service
  • In 2021, became the founder of @YellowTableTalk_Mdd – a community that mentors and empowers girls and young women
  • In 2018, successfully set up the West Africa FX flow desk spanning across three markets (Cameroon, Gambia and Sierra Leone), greatly streamlining the processes and improving productivity/revenue by c.25% (Standard Chartered Bank)

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

I desired to further acquire global experience/acquire new abilities while engaging in collaborative problem-solving with professionals from a variety of backgrounds/regions. And the course material and triple accreditation were decisive factors.


To further enhance my career and to continue mentoring and empowering adolescent girls and young women to become change-makers in their careers, who influence their communities and the world.


Keep studying and up-skilling as necessary and remember to spread the light by becoming the candle that lights the way for others, or the mirror that reflects it.