Charlie Robson

MBA Student Charlie Robson

MBA 2022, UK

“Life is beautiful and I have time.”

An established people leader, my relationship building and rapport skills reflect the flexibility, adaptability, and sheer willpower to thrive in all circumstances. I enjoy the challenge of applying dexterity to adapt my style to communicate most effectively across all levels; confident in my ability to support the most junior employee to the highest board member. I bring my heart and soul to strategic collaboration to deliver the ultimate people experience. I love jumping between departments, helping all who need me, and making employees’ lives and careers that much sweeter.


MIS Workforce Shaping – implementing policies and procedures from scratch to retain and nurture talent and ensure fair and equitable exits for those who have not reached high standards. As a result of benchmarking efforts, I have been able to remove the bottom 15% of performers from the business whilst retaining several critical staff members through necessary HR-focused interventions, including education and training sponsorship schemes (I negotiated a significant budget for this which now sees us sponsor two MBAs, three master’s degrees and several industry-focused professional courses, 70% of the workforce are now in MIS-sponsored training programmes).

Establishing and driving forward MIS’ Corporate Social Responsibility programmes – our work at MIS helps many people get the money they need to rebuild their lives after a disaster. However, wanting to give back to the local communities where we do business is also a key priority. We hold regular fundraising and community events as a team, and I also chair the Charity Committee, which budgets monthly charitable donations.

Leading the charge in remote working when Covid hit. I organised the move from office to home, ensuring everyone had the correct equipment to do their jobs, I developed a more holistic approach to employee wellbeing, tailored to individuals needs rather than the standard ‘one form fits all’. I personalised quarterly reward packs, enabled we were able to continue our weekly ‘chocolate Friday’ by sending out monthly sweet packs to employees. I also used my learnings to develop the wellbeing and employee satisfaction policy at MIS, implementing private healthcare, mental health care and long-term sickness support.

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

The fact that it is in person and covers five days a month (PT) was a huge pull for me, as I learn much better if I’m fully ensconced in a learning environment, but it was the syllabus that I truly loved. KBS’s CSR and sustainability modules as well as the multi-faceted approach to global business stood out especially.

I love my role in HR, but I am keen to diversify my skillset and challenge myself. To be a successful Business Partner, I need a more in depth understanding of how to be a strategic leader, and if/when I decide to branch away from HR then I want an MBA to solidify my experience thus far. I also love a fast paced lifestyle so juggling a PT MBA and a full time job is an exciting prospect!


I’ve learnt that I am fantastic at enabling others to reach their creative vision. Post-MBA, I want to move to a COO role where I can support a fantastic, ground-breaking CEO and make some (hypothetical) marks on this world.


Don’t be normal. Every CEO I’ve ever worked under has been a bundle of creativity, contradiction, weirdness, and fun; my whole working life has been an absolute joy because of it.