Betty Ojo

MBA Student Betty Ojo

MBA 2022, Nigeria

“Your future is what you create.” 

I am an advertising and marketing professional with 10 years’ experience in the real estate and creative industry. I have a good record of enabling strong sales through well-coordinated and targeted promotions, using data-driven approaches, multi-channel marketing expertise and fostering a strong target driven team.

I pursued my first degree In Microbiology and then I explored other areas of my personal interest in the advertising industry as a copy writer and eventually a creative director. After this I moved to marketing and integrated my experiences on a management level.


  • Assisted my company in setting up a new branch in plan, design, execution and running
  • Increased team sales by 50% through good data driven techniques, advert placement, new product proposals and sales initiatives
  • Solved major issues of over 50 clients by offering better value through upselling, which was beneficial to both client and company

What attracted you to the MBA programme at Kent Business School and why?

The modules are more in-depth with research than other MBAs and the School is one of the top 50 universities. I want a global perspective on management.


I want to own and manage a global brand.


Don’t be too comfortable, there’s more room for growth.