Sora Yago-Boli

MBA 2021, UK

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…” Matthew 7:12

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant Technician and ACCA professional, my expertise is valuable in Finance and Operations for VoxAfrica’s Francophone and Anglophone platforms.

I am currently a member of the decision-making panel for the Bank of England, aiding in the collection of information on how business conditions are changing in these times of substantial UK and international economic uncertainty.

As a non-executive director of The Pathway Academy Trust, grouping five primary schools in Kent, I contribute to the education sector by ensuring ethos, strategic direction and children safeguarding.

Outside of work, i serve in my local church and community; provision of teaching support to children and interpretation from French to English or vice versa.


  • I was able to hold a challenging yet rewarding position which gave me the opportunity to train, oversee, work, and build relationship with some amazing beings from cross-cultural backgrounds
  • I was at the forefront of obtaining the license to broadcast the renowned show ‘The Voice Afrique Francophone’ on VoxAfrica TV, a 1st in the region, covering 17 French-speaking countries in Africa (The Voice Afrique Francophone on Voxafrica TV is now broadcasting its 3rd season with a huge success and production has started for the 1st season of The Voice Kids)

What attracted you to the Kent MBA programme and why?

A well structured programme with current modules, triple accreditation, recommendations, and proximity inspired me to choose the Kent MBA programme.

What were your motivations for undertaking an MBA?

The desire to embrace new practices (as I believe that life never stops teaching), improve my business and leadership skills, as well as the beauty of human connection.


I would like to be perceived as a distinguished expert in my field.


Prepare to make sacrifices, show humility, flexibility, determination and adaptability.