Martin Paice

MBA 2020, UK

“Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else. And that’s the price we’ll pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.” Vince Lombardi

I am currently responsible for the Data and Analytics practice with the VIQTOR DAVIS UK organisation. I lead approximately 50 data professionals in delivering data led IT services to 25+ customers across multiple sectors.

My entire post-university working life has been within this single organisation having joined on the graduate scheme and working in roles such as on the helpdesk, as a test analyst, business analyst and project manager.

My professional interests are mainly focused on getting the maximum out of everything, whether it be myself, my customers or my team.

I am a keen gym-goer having built my own home gym alongside many other outdoor activities with my family.


  • Reaching a career position where I am responsible for a large business unit and have a level of independence akin to running my own company
  • Built a business unit from the ground up (800% growth in five years)

What attracted you to the Kent MBA programme and why?

The location, I love Canterbury city and my company previously collaborated with Kent University for graduate schemes.

What were your motivations for undertaking an MBA?

Having worked for a single organisation all my life I have learned effective ways of doing things. In order to improve my skills and expand my career I need to learn other methods of managing a business.


I hope to either achieve a ‘C level’ role within a large organisation or build my own company.


It’s not about working hard it is about working smart … and hard.