Wang Wei-Tse

MBA 2021, Taiwan

“Doing the right thing is more important than doing everything right.”

As a marketing assistant, I lead a team mainly focused on expanding customer groups and seeking potential cooperation with new retailers.

I want to develop my professional skills, knowledge and improve my decision making so i took the decision to study an MBA in order to increase my skills and abilities.

Outside of work and study, my hobbies are reading books, watching movies and playing basketball. All of those hobbies can help me to release stress and help me focus on the right target.


  • 2018 Aug and 2019 – highest sales in department (Mandarin Oriental room division)
  • 2020 – organised the Swiss Alumni reunion in Taipei (around 40 people attended)
  • 2017 – Glo-Bus Industry Champion Award

What attracted you to the Kent MBA programme and why?

The diversity and reputation of the school.

What were your motivations for undertaking an MBA?

Learning the professional experience from professors and classmates and enhancing critical decision-making abilities.


Knowing your advantages and turning weakens to advantages.