Manish Shah

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MBA 2021, UK

“It’s important to have a humble attitude, be grateful for what you have and remain calm (‘equanimity’).”

I work in the ‘second line of defence’ Risk Management function within a banking organisation. My role specialises in the operational risk aspects of our overall risk management framework.

I started my career in the IT security field (given my degree). Over time, my roles have evolved to focus on information risk management, then widening to cover operational and enterprise risk management. I have worked for a management consultancy (Ernst & Young LLP) for three years, a retail bank for ten years and most recently for a commercial bank.

From a professional development perspective, I am interested in learning about business models and technology developments. Outside of work, I am interested in learning Vedic philosophy and football.


  • Providing a high quality of work, being insightful and ‘value-adding’ is important to me so receiving the top performance review grade on several occasions during my career was a significant professional achievement
  • Helping to build the risk management framework and associated maturity in two financial services organisations, balancing various stakeholder needs and regulatory requirements
  • Achieving professional certifications e.g., CISSP and academic qualification (MSc) in relatively pressurised conditions

What attracted you to the Kent MBA programme and why?

I have been wanting to enrol on an MBA programme for several years during my career. I felt the Kent MBA fulfilled many of my requirements and my initial starting point to review MBA programmes that I would consider was the AMBA website.

What were your motivations for undertaking an MBA?

I have always been interested in business models and strategy; however, my work experience has been relatively niche area i.e., technology and risk management. I’m hoping that the MBA will allow me to understand wider aspects of business management and develop my skills and experience to grow professionally and hence to serve my employers better.


I do not have any specific aspiration or target linked to the MBA. It is just to learn more about business management, build my skills and experience then see where that takes me in my career. In many ways, the MBA is more from personal interest rather than being mandated by my employer or career needs.


Look after your clients, staff and stakeholders and they will look after you. This may be from a variety of lenses, e.g., how you make them feel, what value you provide to them (products or services) or what confidence you give them.