Alumni Focus: The Sustainable Leader

Sarah Martin took an MBA with Kent Business School in 2016. She has since set up Nourish Stores in Devon, which provides an eco friendly shopping experience.

In 2016, Sarah decided to take a break from her teaching career to pursue an MBA at Kent Business School with the intention of returning to teaching at a later date.

However, her experience on the MBA, in particular its focus on sustainability and entrepreneurship, rekindled Sarah’s passion for starting her own business and working towards a more sustainable future. Sarah was among the first to join what is now a well-established ‘zero-waste’ sector.

Her Nourish stores provide an eco-friendly shopping experience, with high-quality products, split between food and non-food items. Sarah has used her experiences to mentor others who want to set up similar enterprises.

There are now around 300 such stores in the UK and their success has led supermarkets such as Asda, Waitrose and Tesco to introduce zero waste or refill options at their own stores.

“The Kent MBA gave me the tools, the knowledge, and the confidence to become an independent woman in business. I arrived feeling unsure of myself, and left me feeling empowered.”