Ziyaau Samad

Maldives, MBA 2019

“Some people think they’ve got nothing left to learn. Those people remain stagnant. But other people think they’re never done learning. They’re the ones who get unstuck, thrive and transform continuously throughout their life.” – Douglas Conant

I was attracted to the Kent MBA due to the AMBA accreditation, KBS facilities and the overall MBA programme at the University of Kent.

For 15 years I have worked with the largest telecom provider in the Maldives (Dhiraagu). I started managing retail outlets and built the widest distribution network in the Maldives for Dhiraagu pre-paid plans. I also led the customer experience programme for Dhiraagu, working with the group customer experience team in Guernsey, UK.

As a Customer Experience professional, I have been fortunate enough to work with market research and Customer Experience consultants from UK, Luxembourg and Jordan. I have lead the customer experience projects within Maldives for leading insurance company and water company and help them shape customer experience strategy. I co-founded the Customer Experience Foundation of the Maldives, conference management, consulting and training firm specialising in transforming through customer experience.

Currently seeking a new challenge, I’m eager to learn new skills to advance my career. My hobbies and interests outside of work includes reading, watching football (Real Madrid) and travelling to new countries and islands in the Maldives.


I started my career at Dhiraagu in Sales as a Sales Outlets Assistant Manager and was promoted to Manager of Retail and Distribution. I was then promoted to Manager of Customer Experience at Dhiraagu.

My most notable achievements include:
• Developing and enhancing the distribution network for Dhiraagu (Telecom).
• Introducing Apple and Samsung instalment mobile plans for Dhiraagu customers
• Introduction of Messaging and AI Bot for Dhiraagu


I am confident that with the Kent MBA will enable me to develop myself to move along the corporate ladder and also it would add more value to my current role as a consultant.


Always come up with creative initiatives to improve your business to stand out from the rest.

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