Ruth Moemken

UK, MBA 2019

“Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people.” – Brian Tracy

The Kent MBA appealed to me as the course outline itself looked set to stretch me to develop in the areas that will benefit my career and role. Both my sons have studied at the University of Kent and have had excellent experiences, with one son achieving a PhD through Kent Business school.

I am currently a Strategic Delivery Manager for Ashford and Canterbury long term services for Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust. I am a qualified occupational therapist and have held various clinical roles in London and Kent, eventually specialising in intermediate care provision. I then diversified into management where I have held multiple positions managing various clinical services across east Kent including intermediate care, dementia specialist nursing, minor injuries unit, specialist cardiac and respiratory nursing services and community nursing including wound medicine centres and night nursing.

I enjoy developing quality focused health-related services to meet the needs of the local population in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

My hobbies include cycling, cooking and lots of dog walking with my two very energetic boxers.


  • I was proud to introduce and embed dementia specialist nursing into Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust which has positively impacted service delivery to dementia patients across the Trust.
  • I nurtured and developed intermediate care services across the Trust ranging from inpatient services to rapid response and rehabilitation, introducing community stroke rehabilitation teams to work collaboratively with inpatient colleagues.
  • I am now managing community nursing services, have set up a new wound medicine centre and am about to launch a self-managing team in line with Buurtzorg principles.


The Kent MBA will support me to fulfil my role by enabling me to further understand and utilise theory to support clinical strategic management.


Use effective communication to build strong relationships and be responsive to emerging opportunities.

To find out more and apply for the Kent MBA at Kent Business School, visit The Kent MBA webpage.