Mohit Suresh

India, MBA 2019

“The show must go on.”

I was attracted to the Kent MBA due to the design of the programme which is helpful for the students to gain insights into the latest international business. The Kent MBA also allows us to observe, create and practise. As a student on the Kent MBA, we have the opportunity to gain CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership alongside the degree.

Currently a Responsible Listening Officer at New Generation Jobs in Bangalore, India, I am enthusiastic for learning and I possess a strong desire to work in a competitive environment, offering responsibilities where there is progressive growth to the company and to the individual, also where there is scope for learning and career advancement.


  • Selected as the company’s best Listening Officer in appreciation for dedication and commitment to client deliverables.


I hope to gain more knowledge from this programme which could help me start my own business.


Be an enthusiastic learner. Always be ready to accept facts and reality, update and upgrade.

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