Angeliki Papageorgiou

MBA 2019, Greece

“How you perceive yourself is how others will see you”. – Paul Arden

Having previously studied at Kent Business School where I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of my experience, the Kent MBA appealed to me due to its focus on executive coaching and career mapping as well as the consultancy week programme as I am looking to eventually gain a career within the Consultancy field.

I am a motivated, dedicated and driven individual with Marketing Communications experience within the B2B industrial/manufacturing/energy management field. Outside of my working schedule, I enjoy travelling, exercising, taking part in art & design courses and reading.


I am a Senior Marketing Communications Specialist at Cummins Inc where I have worked in the Marketing Communications function for the last four years, supporting the Global Power Generation Markets of the company. Prior to this, as part of my undergraduate degree, I completed an industrial placement year at Cummins Inc. I also undertook several internships in marketing communication firms and advertising agencies in Paris and Athens.


• During one of my internships, I received recognition for an advertising project I worked on for a large multinational B2C client. The outcome was very positive and the concept proposed was selected to be part of the advertising campaign the following year.

• The launch of the new HSK78G gas generator series at Cummins Inc. The campaign itself was spread across two years and was very successful and therefore recognised by the Vice President of Communications at Cummins Inc. The outcome was presented to the Cummins Board of Directors as an example of excellence.

• I recently finalised an initiative at Cummins Inc which aimed to close the current gap existing during the marketing planning phase between corporate and regional teams to increase transparency, efficiency and collaboration. The projects end result consisted of a redesigned process, the development of new work instructions and an online web community including all the links and training resources developed to educate all global teams on the new process. This project has been very well received so far and the first marketing plans developed have already been much more consistent including a global view of all planned activities.


I hope that the Kent MBA will assist me towards broadening my networking and current career path into other industries outside of the industrial/manufacturing field, eventually allowing me to gain a career within the business consultancy field.


My advice would be to focus on self-development but without loosing the empathy, team spirit and engagement with the team around you. Keep asking questions, actively listen, self reflect from past experiences, engage and communicate with others and be transparent.

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