Kent Sport and Technical Services marking the way

Technicians from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts have teamed up with Kent Sport to produce a range of markers to upgrade the campus orienteering and running routes.

As part of Kent Sports ongoing mission to get everyone active they decided it was time to give some much needed attention to the orienteering route by introducing new marked running/walking routes across campus.

Billy Radford, Sports Development Officer, approached the Engineering technical team to help create a bold, professional and long lasting solution for numbering the orienteering posts marking running/walking routes across campus.

Together they designed an innovative acrylic numbered markers which can be configured in 8 different number positions. Once samples were made and colour options were decided, the designs were transferred to the Schools specialist laser cutters where they were manufactured markers will be installed on 46 existing wooden posts across campus.

Ryan Morrow (Technical Manager in Mechanical and design) says : “It’s a pleasure to utilise the brilliant new facilities to offer our services to other departments and external companies and showcase the great expertise our technicians have. We can undertake a range of work from 3d modelling and Computer aided design, 3d printing at our new divisional 3d printing hub but also light and medium fabrication and machining work. Later this year we will expand our services to be able to offer CNC machining”

Through out the pandemic the team worked hard to prepare and organise the new facilities and equipment, with all manufacturing and design work undertaken in the new Jennison Engineering and Design Hub.

Billy added ” Ryan and his team were great in assisting us with all aspects of the project, from providing expert advice and guidance, to sourcing materials and manufacturing the finished product. We are very grateful to Ryan and his team in the engineering department and hope that many people will be able to enjoy the orienteering course and the running routes “

If you want to try the orienteering course or any of the routes please head to:

If you are looking to utilise the engineering department then please email with details of your request.