Kent’s Global Business Summer School in Canterbury was a wonderful experience

Maria Elagina shares her experience on the Global Business in a Dynamic Environment Summer School 2018.

A productive summer vacation is a guarantee of a successful university year. For me, Kent Business School at Canterbury was a wonderful experience that combined the advantages of an intensive intellectual work during professionally organized lectures and mental relaxation after classes.


Why have I come to the following conclusion?

Firstly, Kent University is located in a fascinating place where one has an opportunity to live both a calm country life and get the taste of an English city atmosphere. The building where I lived was placed perfectly between the main educational facility, the bus stops that could take me in 2 hours to London and the center of Canterbury where I had an alternative to take the train to different parts of Great Britain. Moreover, the university campus provided students with a great variety of places to eat, local food stores and a medical facility.  Thus, this infrastructure helped me to efficiently manage my time and focus my attention on things that mattered to me the most.

Secondly, our Kent program ensured that we had a chance not only to get a good night sleep and enough time for lunch, but an important cultural experience with student advisers from the university. For instance, during our 2 weeks we had an organized tour to Canterbury, including a fascinating boat trip, visit to Whitstable and London. Moreover, we also had time to travel independently and explore England and places of interest by ourselves using the benefits of the developed logistics.

Thirdly, I was thrilled by how I was lucky to be a student of such a diverse and highly professional academic community. Largely to their effort to pass their knowledge on the subject in an interactive way I now may strongly argue that I am no longer a beginner in the sphere of global business. During the course professors provided us with mini study cases that helped me to get a grasp of the theoretical information in a practical way. Additionally, I acquired knowledge in writing an editorial. I am sure that this skill will definitely have a positive impact on my future career.

Last but not least, I would like to outline the friendly attitude of the university staff and campus security. They were very responsive and gave a feeling of safety during the whole stay.

To sum up, I really enjoyed Kent University Business School and would not regret coming here one more time.