Canterbury Summer School Impression

Canterbury 16th July 2017

Student Meghna Chaudhry recounts her experience with us over the summer:

My overall impression of this summer school in Canterbury was it was a great experience that I could not have had at any other institution. An eye-opener that no young professional should miss out! I have to say that I could not ask for more. It has been such a wonderful, unforgettable, joyful and helpful experience. Structured learning materials coupled with exciting social programs made the summer course days very sweet memory in my heart.

The staff was awesome, extremely knowledgeable, unfailingly friendly, dedicated, always available. I made friendships that will never die, found a passion for debate, youth leadership and visited the beautiful country of England. I discovered a side of me that actually amazed me.

Wish that this summer school will attract more and more students in the years to come. Be prepared for the best summer you have had and will ever have in your life!