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Analogue Ensemble present an installation of experimental artist film, video and 3D light works featuring; Amy Dickson, Simon Payne, Andrew Pepper and Mary Stark. Bringing together holograms, woven film, recorded mobile phone performance and a classic avant-garde film used anew as a graphic score, this exhibition explores spatial relationships not only within the frame of the screen/projected image but also extending into the space of the gallery.

A series of screenings and events will take place throughout the exhibition, more information coming soon.

Supported by: School of Arts, University of Kent, Whitstable Biennale and Arts Council England Lottery Grant.

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One thought on “Current exhibition

  1. Gina

    Perhaps a pointer to a website might be easier to keep up to date? Even – “we’re waiting for new students to put together ideas” (if that is so) would give the public some clue about the future.

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