Inspirational speaker to give lecture on language, communication and group identity

The Student Success Project is organising an inspirational speaker event for SECL students.

Inspirational Speaker Professor Itesh Sachdev will be examining the complex relationship between language, communication and group identity in multi-lingual communication, using data from indigenous and migrant minorities and majorities around the world.

Dr Laura Bailey, Lecturer in the Department of English Language & Linguistics, writes, “Professor Sachdev’s talk will be essential for anyone interested in language, communication and identity. He will discuss issues of ethnicity and minorities, as well as how language and community are linked. Professor Sachdev is multilingual himself, was raised in Kenya, and has worked all over the world. He currently researches urban multiculturalism. His talk will be suitable for all, and students are especially welcome.”

The lecture will be free entry and open to all. For more information, please see here