First year Kent law student secures offer for Training Contract from Magic Circle firm

Law student Tyra Ntege has achieved extraordinary career success by securing an offer for a ‘Magic Circle’ Training Contract at the end of only her first year of studies at Kent.

Tyra was offered an interview with Clifford Chance after completing the firm’s five-day First Year Springboard Scheme over the summer vacation. The offer for a Training Contract followed soon after, in early August.

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Tyra’s top tips for fellow aspiring lawyers include:

  • Join LinkedIn and read their daily rundown as well as BBC Business news and the Financial Times to get a sense of the commercial environment and global market. This will enable you to ascertain whether you’re interested in the type of work and clients that commercial lawyers deal with
  • Visit the website of the top firms and see what schemes, open days, insight events they have to offer. Apply, and get the reputable name of the firm in addition to the experience gained on your CV. It opens doors
  • Selectively network, meaning don’t just bombard anybody from a firm with your questions – be courteous in your approach. On that note, Graduate Recruitment are the best people to get in contact with at each firm
  • Do not underestimate the relevance of part-time jobs, voluntary opportunities/societies. These things are what set me apart hugely
  • Start to consider key competency questions that firms look for. These can be found online, wiki, student room anywhere
  • BME students should apply to Rare. It is online and the process is not too long. They have plenty of beneficial programmes and the organisation is run by lawyers who work for the top firms or have worked in these places in addition to graduate recruitment positions and students who hold offers or who have done vacation schemes at these firms
  • Work in a supermarket is just as valid as work experience in a bank. Both are getting to know the type of clients that firms are instructed by
  • Reach out to current trainees on LinkedIn.