Student Success Staff Seminar – Schedule Change

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the dates of coming staff seminars have changed. The sessions scheduled for this Wednesday in Canterbury and Friday in Medway – Reframing the gap: Bridging ‘deficit’ readings and critical race theory to understand everyday racial inequities in UK universities – will now take place in May.

These will be replaced by the sessions on SStaRT: the Student Success Resources Toolkit. This is going to be the first chance to see the Toolkit currently being developed and due to be launched in the summer. Part of the Student Success Project’s mainstreaming programme, SStaRT will provide all schools with an opportunity to see what kind of initiatives might work with their students, how much effort (and money!) they took to get off the ground, and lessons learned. It will also provide a space for schools and departments to share their initiatives so that we can all benefit from each other’s experiences.

I apologise for the late notice, but I hope those of you who were booked onto the Reframing the Gap sessions will find the SStaRT sessions equally as useful and anyone who was eagerly awaiting the SStaRT sessions in May will be able to attend. An updated Seminar Series schedule can be found on the Seminar Series section of the website.