Medway School of Pharmacy – Revision Days

Medway School of Pharmacy expands their horizons with regards to student success! Academics from the school have been helping current A-level students with their revision.

Medway School of Pharmacy in collaboration with Partnership and Development Office recently welcomed students from Years 12 and 13 to our campus. In total, 24 students from our partner and non-partner secondary schools (including academies and grammar schools) visited the Medway campus during both the February and Easter break to attend A/AS level revision seminars. The seminar, prepared by Dr Sandip Desai (pictured) and Dr Vladimir Gubala, was designed to help students in their preparation for the A-level exams and to inform students about the undergraduate courses Medway School of Pharmacy offers.

The revision seminar was structured to revise the topics many students usually struggle with. They were divided into chemistry topics: such as concept of moles, energetics of chemical reactions, redox reactions, halogen chemistry, spectroscopy – brilliantly delivered by Dr Desai; spectroscopy and practical demonstration of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance – comprehensively demonstrated by Dr Hall and Dr Mark Allen and Biology topics: such as cell cycle and cell division – beautifully presented by Dr Senner. Tips about learning and exam techniques were also discussed, which was highly valued by many participants.

The feedback was excellent, here are few testimonials:

‘The quality of teaching was fantastic. The course has really helped to improve my knowledge and helped me to understand what I didn’t know, although I thought I knew it.’

‘It covered the basic as well as going more in depth with topics such as NMR and IR spectroscopy, which I think many students struggle with’.

‘The course was informative in some of my weaker areas’

‘I liked the exam oriented approach, the teachers covered the topics that I was not sure on’.

Watch this space for further activities!