Medway School of Pharmacy – Excellent student fundraising

Two of our year 2 students Kishan Pankhania and Shakti Khetia have been busy fundraising lately.

They are currently fundraising for a charity called ‘The Little Things’ which is a student led organisation that aims to improve the healthcare in developing countries. 

The money that they are raising through your generous donations, will be funding towards projects in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. These projects aim to provide two hospitals with vital medical equipment, to help with the quality of care and treatment for the increasing number of patients coming in on a daily basis. 

Last week, three of our academics (Dr Sarah Corlett, Dr Alison Edwards and Dr Trudy Thomas) dressed up in the hope of helping Kishan and Shakti raise further funds. The buckets on the day raised £108.06 which The Little Things will be delighted with.

Kishan and Shakti are continuing their fundraising activities, and have a Dinner and Dance planned in London and further events scheduled in The Deep End.

If you would like to help them reach £500, please donate here. Every little helps.

Good luck Kishan and Shakti, you are doing such a wonderful job!