Medway School of Pharmacy – Brain Tumour Lecture Trip

Dr Gubala delivers a Brain Tumour Lecture to Key Stage 4 and A-Level Biology Students

On Thursday 16th March 29 year 10, 11 and 12 Triple Science and A-Level Biology students attended a lecture on Brain Tumours by Dr Gubala at the Benenden Independent School. During this lecture they heard from a Professor Pharmacist from the University of Kent who described how brain tumours are caused, their symptoms and how they are currently treated. Within this students could see links from the Biology content they have been learning about in class and how brain tumours affect the brain and the body. Students answered questions about how tumours come about and how they can affect the body and brain well. Limitations to the current methods (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) of treating brain tumours were also discussed.

The second part of the lecture involved the Professor explaining the research he is currently undertaking and his team’s idea to insert a gel into the cavity produced once the tumour in the brain has been removed during surgery. This gel contains drugs that aim to destroy any cancer cells that remain after surgery to prevent these cells spreading and forming new tumours in the brain.


The Professor then had a volunteer (Rita Tamang Y12) up to the stage and demonstrated how this gel would be made and inserted during surgery, using a doll as a dummy.

“I found the lecture really interesting as I learnt how the brain works. It also made me think about my career as I would like to work in the field of medicine as well. My favourite part was when he taught us ways you can destroy tumours”. Kenny Kafle Y10

“We went to Benenden school for a lecture on brain tumours. I found it interesting and it made me think of what I would like to do in my A-levels. We learnt different ways of treating brain tumours such as surgery and chemotherapy.” Joseph Ikiseh

I found the demonstration on a new brain surgery the most interesting and it showed me what I could be doing in the future.” Tanisha Wynter