Medway School of Pharmacy: Inspiring future scientists

MPharm student participates in STEM in Wiltshire.

Second year student Rebekah Barnard took part in a STEM activity recently for a School in Wiltshire. Here is her account of the experience:
“I was asked to be part of a STEM careers day at Malmesbury School, Wiltshire in June. The day was designed to show Year 10 and Year 12 students the breadth of opportunity and enjoyment within STEM careers. I gave 20 minute interactive talks to groups of pupils throughout the day; outlining pharmacy as a profession, and all the potential careers available within it, as well as how they can prepare and focus their learning and work experience now if they wish to pursue pharmacy as a career. For me, having first obtained a Biology BSc and having a career in pharmacy management before beginning the MPharm, it was a great opportunity to share my passion for pharmacy and, from my experience, to give advice to the students who will soon be making crucial decisions regarding their own careers. It was such a privilege to be involved in this event, to work with a school that really champions the sciences, and to meet some of the next generation of great scientists including (hopefully!) future pharmacists”.

Here is what Huw Rees, the Key Stage 3 Science/ KS5 Physics Curriculum Leader had to say about Rebekah’s day:
“I must thank Rebekah for speaking at Malmesbury School STEM Career Day 2016 – she did a fantastic job of outlining the main aspects of choosing Pharmacy as a career, the routes available and requirements to study the subject at university. She was incredibly inspirational in the way she presented the nature and broad scope of pharmacy, including the research she is currently involved in. Rebekah piqued the interest of both Stage 4 and 5 pupils with an excellent and simple interactive activity; as a result of communicating clearly and effectively with our pupils, there will be many who will look into pharmacy as a potential career”.

Medway School of Pharmacy always likes to encourage their students to participate in extra curricula activities, especially when it involves inspiring the next generation of scientists/pharmacists.

rebekah barnard inspiring scientists