Kent School of Architecture: Welcome Week 2015

Welcome Week is upon us, and we will be putting on a host of events in collaboration with Kent Architectural Student Association (KASA) to ensure that this year’s Welcome Week is as successful as previous years.

In addition to the school’s orientation timetable, we will be hosting an afternoon of fun in a marquee outside the Marlowe building, as an introduction to the Student Success project. Of course, dominos pizzas will be provided for sustenance whilst KASA are hosting a design charrette in the form of a ‘Tower in an Hour’ with assistance from one of our Assistant & Associate Lecturers, Patrick Crouch.

This event will be a great opportunity for all the incoming Stage 1 students to get to know their peers in a relaxed environment, and to let their creativity shine without restrictive boundaries. Following the ‘Tower in an Hour’ exercise, there will be a ‘Meet the Fifth Years’ event in the form of an informal Q&A with our March Stage 5 students whereby we will be introducing a feeling of being part of a bigger KSA community, and provide an opportunity to ask any niggling queries they have about the school, work, life at KSA or where the best restaurants are in town!