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There are lots of opportunities at Kent to help you stand out in the jobs market, including workshops to short courses. The Study Plus scheme is a wide range of courses and workshops that provide you with sought-after skills to fill out your CV alongside your main subject specialism.

This month, we have a particularly exciting opportunity available in the form of a three-day Study Plus workshop, the ‘Destination Success Bootcamp’, on preparing for the professional world.

The Destination Success Bootcamp

It’s an interactive 3-day programme running Friday 26 to Sunday 28 May that you can access for free as a University of Kent student. This course will be delivered by an expert from Gardner Training and Consultancy, and usually costs £695 per person. We’re offering it to a limited number of Kent students for free.

Why sign up?

  • receive professional advice on your CV
  • develop interview techniques
  • take part in exercises to equip you for challenges in the workplace
  • develop skills in self-management and self-reflection
  • understand how you work most effectively,
  • learn tools on how to build good networking and working relationshops
  • gain a Certificate of Attendance outlining the course content covered to show future employers.
Find out more and book online to secure your Destination Success Bootcamp place today!

Find out more about Study Plus

What kind of ‘employability skills’ can I improve?

Some employability skills sound like a no-brainer, but Study Plus workshops are designed to go in-depth and solidify those skills. You may already have a lot of experience working in teams, or think of yourself as knowledgeable about current technology, but there are constantly ways to build upon, expand and, importantly, prove these skills.

There’s always going to be at least one area you struggle with – does the idea of workplace conflict worry you? Do exams always fill you with dread? Does the current cost of living crisis have you wondering how you can manage your money wisely after university? There are Study Plus courses covering all of these topics and more, led by professionals that want to see you succeed!

Why do a Study Plus course?

Many Study Plus courses prove that you are invested in your personal and professional development, making you stand out to employers as someone who is not only prepared for the job, but is also willing to take steps to keep improving and developing your skills. They enhance your student experience by providing a chance to learn new skills alongside your degree.

Many also earn you Employability Points, which can be cashed in for the chance to apply for exclusive internships, work placements, training and more!

What courses are there?

The Destination Success Bootcamp (Friday 26-Sunday 28 May) is a more intensive but highly rewarding Study Plus course, but there are lots of other shorted workshops available too.

There are general courses covering topics similar to the ones previously listed, and also courses that are more specific to certain degrees and career sectors (though still open to everyone). These are great additions to your CV or resume, proving your passion and dedication to future employers. 

For example, the Carbon Literacy Project comes with a certification that would be an asset to any environment-based CV. 

Additionally, the ‘Let’s Get Digital’/ DIGITUESDAYS workshops look at many Microsoft applications commonly used in the workplace such as Excel, PowerPoint and even Python. Making complex spreadsheets, having confidence in your presentations, or understanding how to build websites are skills employers are after.

More to help your employability journey at Kent:

For more information on developing your employability skills, planning your career, improving your CV and practice interviews, check out the Careers and Employability Service website, where you can book 1:1 appointments with careers advisers and useful workshops.

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Written by Faye Usher, Careers and Employability, 17.05.2023

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