Building a Safer Community: Kent’s commitments

Group of Kent students sitting on lawn

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting a safe community for all, we would like to reflect on the steps Kent has taken to promote a culture of consent and ensure support is available to our students and staff.

Safety Measures

In addition to the online reporting tool, the University has implemented several safety measures across campus to ensure a safer community for all.

Ask for Angela Scheme

All venues across campus, as well as some off-campus bars, have taken further steps to ensure safety, such as implementing the Ask for Angela scheme, which provides a discreet way to seek help if you ever feel unsafe while at one of these venues. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, simply go to the bar and ask for ‘Angela.’ The bar staff will help you discreetly to get out of the situation and into a safe space.

Walking Taxi Scheme

The university has also implemented the Walking Taxi scheme, which offers free advice and assistance to students and staff who feel vulnerable or worried while walking around the Canterbury and Medway campuses. Simply call Campus Security for support 24/7. If an immediate response is not possible an estimated arrival time will be provided and individuals are advised to stay in a safe area or travel with others.

Student Safe Taxi Scheme

In Canterbury, students have the option to sign up for the Student Safe Taxi Scheme, which offers a worry-free night out by ensuring a safe ride home, even if cash is not readily available.

Reporting an Incident

If you or someone you know wants to report an incident of harassment, discrimination, hate incidents, or physical and verbal abuse, the university’s confidential online reporting tool, Report + Support, is available.

If you submit a named report, you will be able to receive support from an adviser, such as emotional/psychological support, reporting options, sexual health options (e.g., emergency contraception), and practical support (e.g., accessing emergency accommodation). By doing so, you are not making a formal complaint to the university or the police. We will not share information beyond the relevant staff without your consent unless you or others are at significant risk.

Submitting an anonymous report can help the university build a safer community, even if you do not wish to seek support for the incident directly. Please be assured that you can seek support via Report + Support even if the incident did not occur at the university.

We understand that submitting a report of an incident to the University can be an extremely difficult step to take. You may not know what to do, where to go, what information is relevant, or whether disclosing will mean you will lose control of the situation. Refer to the article “Overcoming Barriers to Disclosure,” which addresses a range of doubts about reporting and aims to clarify the process.

At the University of Kent, we are dedicated to making sure that everyone on campus feels safe and comfortable. We believe that by standing up against unacceptable behaviour and supporting those in need, we can all work together to create a more inclusive and secure community. So, let’s take control, get support when we need it, and work together to make our university a safer place for everyone.

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Written by Kamila, Student Services, 20.04.23