Activate your free access to Togetherall to combat exam stress

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Exam season can be a particularly stressful time for students. Kent’s partner organisation, Togetherall, has a variety of resources to help you make it through your exams and explore new self-help tools along the way.

All Kent students have free access to Togetherall, which you can activate with your student email.

Togetherall highlights

Here are some of our favourite features of Togetherall.


You can write about absolutely anything using the journal feature – your mood, what you’ve been doing recently, or things that make you happy. You can even add emojis 😊!

Your entries are saved and dated so you can go back and re-read anything you have previously written. Although other users cannot see your journal entries, they are visible to Togetherall’s professional mental health team to ensure user safety.


This interactive tool allows you to enter a specific goal and the date you would like to achieve it by. You can also enter the reason why you are interested in this goal for extra motivation to keep going.

When you have completed your goal, you can tick it off. All previous successful goals are stored so you can review how much you have achieved over time.

Self-Help Courses

Togetherall offers several short courses to help you manage complicated feelings around exam season…

  • Managing Emotions: Explore what emotions are, how to tolerate your emotions without distress, and strategies you can employ to make managing your emotions easier.
  • Managing Stress & Worry: Learn about how your sleep, lifestyle, and schedule can help or harm your stress levels. It also offers different ways to face your worries and how to plan for future stressful situations.
  • Balance Your Thinking: Identify and challenge unhelpful thoughts. You can then build a plan to help you maintain your progress in the future.

Togetherall also offers self-help courses in other personal issues you may be dealing with, such as bereavement or health anxiety.

Please note that Togetherall is mainly a self-help platform. For 24/7 phone, text or WhatsApp support from trained professionals, you can contact our other partner organisation, Spectrum Life.


You can take a short, evidence-based questionnaire to track your feelings on specific topics. For example, depression, social anxiety, and general distress.

When taken repeatedly, you can track your development over time and start observing patterns. For example, you may notice that your anxiety tends to increase after specific events or at certain times of the week.

If you think you could benefit from meeting with a counsellor to address issues concerning you to get thoughts, feelings, behaviour and perspective on life back in balance again, you can access counselling for free through the University of Kent by contacting (Canterbury campus) or (Medway campus).

Articles & External Resources

There is a range of content available, from personal stories of overcoming hardship to advice from qualified psychologists. You can browse specific categories, such as “student experience” or “loneliness”, to discover the articles most relevant to you.

This section will also direct you towards Kent support services.

Are you interested?

Learn more about Togetherall and how to activate your FREE access while you are still a Kent student.

More support at Kent

For information on wellbeing support and resources available to Kent students (including 24/7 support services), have a look at the Student Support and Wellbeing webpages.

You can also @UniKentSSW on Instagram for tips and reminders on staying well throughout stressful times.

Written by Daisy, Student Services, on 22.03.23