Life After Uni

Four young people in conversation in an open indoor space.

Trying to picture life after uni? It can be unsettling to think about the academic, wellbeing and social support networks falling away. But from finding your next step in work or study to building a balanced life after you graduate, there’s lots to help you plan for the future.

Life After Uni Week (Monday 3-Friday 7 April 2023) has you covered with a week of events from employers, recent alumni and the Careers team on career journeys and the support students can access from Kent even after graduation. It’s a great opportunity for final-year students to calm any worries they may have about getting a graduate job they’re interested in, and to get their questions answered.

Careers support – even after you graduate

Did you know that the Careers and Employability Service provides graduate careers support for alumni up to three years after you graduate?

You can also register for Target Jobs, a service which helps you explore opportunities from internships and work placements to graduate schemes, as well as offering online courses and advice to help support your career journey.

Another great resource for networking is the Kent Alumni group on LinkedIn!

Perks of being a Kent graduate

Interested in doing a Master’s degree? How about money off your postgraduate tuition fees? Find out more about further study at Kent’s Further Study Postgraduate webpage, and information about the alumni scholarships.

Kent offers a range of services and discounts for Alumni.

Finding community post-uni

Moving from a university environment where there are societies, sports teams and nights out going on all over the place can be unsettling, especially if you are moving back to a smaller town or village where there are fewer people you feel similar to.

This doesn’t have to mean the end of your communities and friendships from uni. See if you can find local sports teams, or perhaps try some online friend-finding apps to find other people in a similar situation to you. Is there a way you can keep going with any new hobbies you have picked up by finding a way to connect with others online?

Wellbeing and mental health support networks

Aside from NHS mental health and wellbeing services, there is also a range of charities and organisations that can assist you in staying safe and supported. Check out our list of self-help resources, most of which are open to everyone.

Alumni groups in your community

Network, share stories and support fellow alumni by joining a Kent alumni group that is relevant to you! These groups can be based on location, school of study or year group, and often communicate around a Facebook group or through emails. They are also amazing ways to plan events with like-minded people – and even your class reunion!

Staying in the loop

Want to stay involved in the University of Kent news and events? Register to receive regular alumni newsletters. You can also follow @UniKentAlumni on Twitter, @UniversityofKentAlumni on Facebook and @UniKentLive on Instagram.

Interested in learning more about how you can prepare for life and work after graduation, and how Kent can support you? Check out the programme of events for Life After Uni Week.

Written by Emilie and Joshua, Student Services, 23.03.23