Challenging racism: action, not words

Student Services are committed to contributing to a positive experience for all our students and staff by celebrating success and taking action against inequality at Kent.

Time for change: action not words

The Student Services team are at the centre of Kent’s university-wide approach to tackling racism. Here at Kent, we want to support all students who have been affected or continue to be affected by racism and work together to create a culture where racism is not just challenged, but eradicated completely.

We know there is always more we can put in place to both be better and do better, so besides leading Kent’s Black History Month programme, we have also been working on tackling racism all year round with the launch of several new initiatives.

Antiracism Strategy

We recently launched our Antiracism Strategy which outlined our commitment to taking action against all forms of racism at the University, and beyond. Racism can happen anywhere; at work, at home, at University, online or in the physical world. Racism is still a very real and damaging facet of modern day society and can have a long term and lasting impact of mental and emotional strain on anyone who has experienced it either directly or indirectly.

Making it easier to report racism, and get the support you need

Have you been affected by racism at Kent? You can report this anonymously online via Report and Support and help us build a fairer University community. You can also choose to give your contact details if you would like support following an incident.

Race Equality Charter

We also launched our work on the Race Equality Charter, the national framework which universities use to identify and self-reflect on institutional and cultural barriers that stand in the way of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students to help us grow and improve as an institution.

Celebrating Black History Month

Marking Black History Month at Kent allows us to celebrate the myriad ways in which Black people have contributed to the arts, science, culture, history and technology of Britain and the wider world, and also provides a platform for staff and students to discuss and reflect on their own experiences. Activities at Kent are organised by a team of people that include the BAME Staff and Student Networks and representatives.

We really hope you explore and enjoy all the different events and activities that have been organised by staff and students for staff and students. We are always seeking to improve, so if you have any ideas for the future, or feedback, please email us on

Happy Black History Month 2022!


Written by Natalia Crisanti and Joshua Stevens, Student Services staff, on 04.10.22