Dealing with grief and uncertainty

Black and white image of HM Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

Hearing about bereavement, loss and national change can be difficult. Student Support and Wellbeing at Kent is here for you during this time.

Grief, loss, and change

Hearing about bereavement, loss and national change can be difficult, especially when it seems to dominate the news. You might be feeling sad about the recent news of Her Majesty the Queen’s passing, or it might have triggered some anxieties around aging or ill health, or feelings of loss about other people in your life.

Even if you’re not experiencing direct feelings of grief, a change of international significance might impact your sense of identity, belonging and certainty about the immediate future, which can be unsettling.

Uncertainty around the immediate future

As the country comes to terms with the news, and the events of the next few days unfold, the uncertainty of this period might be very challenging for some, particularly if you are undergoing or preparing for changes in your personal life.

If you are preparing to start or return to university this month, you may be concerned about disruption to your plans for moving, arrival, and registration due to the state funeral and the possibility of a public holiday. Please rest assured that the level of disruption to the arrivals period here at Kent is likely to be minimal. You can follow @UniKentLive on Instagram for the latest updates, and we will share information as soon as we can.

Support for you in dealing with difficult emotions

If you are struggling with how you are feeling in the lead up to the start of term, remember that our Student Support and Wellbeing services remain open during working hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) in Canterbury and Medway. You can also explore our online self-help resources, and for external support for anyone, the charity Cruse provides bereavement support via telephone, chat and resources.

For 24/7 support, we have a partner organisation you can contact day or night via text or phone – telephone 0800 031 8227 and press option 1 or Text/WhatsApp ‘Hi’ to 07418 360 780.

As a Kent student, you also have free access to Togetherall, an anonymous online support platform with courses such as Coping with Grief and Loss, and others to chat with about what you’re going through online 24/7.

Commemorating HM Queen Elizabeth II

This is an unprecedented and deeply sad moment for the country and many will want to pay their respects personally. There will shortly be books of condolence available on our Canterbury and Medway campuses for staff and students who wish to leave a message. Further details of this will be available shortly.

Written by Joshua Stevens and Natalia Crisanti 09.09.22

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