Enhancing your mental health during the Summer Term

bluebell wood on Canterbury campus

The start of the Summer Term coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week. Summer Term can be stressful as you manage your exams and other deadlines and commitments, but here are some ideas for boosting your mental health and making the most of this time.

  1. Connect with others – reach out to friends and family. Plan when you can next meet up, so you have something to look forward to. You can also check out the Student Support and Wellbeing events calendar for ways to meet new people such as the Walking Buddy and Just Coffee initiatives.
  2. Get out in nature – spending time in nature can have huge benefits for our mental health. If you’re at Medway, the Rochester Lawn has benches, a covered area and a trail gym for you to explore. Based at Canterbury? Check out the new Canterbury Wellbeing Map and discover more places to relax and unwind. We’re super lucky to have the Kent Community Oasis Garden at our Canterbury campus (located at the end of Park Wood). Join students, staff and members of the community on Wednesdays and Fridays 10.00-14.00 for a relaxed gardening session.
  3. Exercise regularly– exercise is a great way to let go of frustrations and improve your mood as well as increase your fitness. Kent Sport’s ALL Active programme is back this term with plenty of non-competitive, turn-up-and-play sessions. No experience or equipment needed. You could also join a community bike ride with other Kent students.
  4. Get enough sleep – sleep is vital to allow both your body and mind to recharge. If you struggle with your sleep, check out this free online Togetherall course: How to Improve Your Sleep.
  5. Eat well and stay hydrated – we all know that eating well and drinking plenty of water is good for us, but we often forget just much it can affect our mood. Check out the Blurt foundation’s blogpost about foods that boost mood and energy.

Mental Health Team at Student Support and Wellbeing

The Mental Health Team consists of Mental Health Advisers, Counsellors and Student Mentors. Mental Health Advisers are specialist practitioners who can offer mental health advice and support. They can provide short term focused interventions to promote wellbeing and support students to develop coping strategies and help put in place an ILP or ‘inclusive learning plan’ if required. We also have a free confidential Counselling service for all Kent students, offering a safe space to those experiencing problems such as anxiety, depressed feelings, and emotional difficulties that may or may not be connected to student life.

Have you used Student Support services this academic year? If you want to comment on your experience or give suggestions for the development of support at Kent, please take a quick online survey to share your feedback and ideas.

Written by Miriam Sandiford, staff, on 05.05.22

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