Make new friends and re-discover nature on the Canterbury campus

Read on for how to get involved in a ‘Plant a Seed’ Project taking place at our community garden

Human beings are intrinsically connected to nature, we are influenced by the rhythms of the seasons, our surroundings, the quality of the air we breathe. However, we get so caught up in busy studying, working and social lives according to a strict online schedule that it holds our attention away from the outdoors and the skills learnt within it. University life in recent years has taken place so much online that this can take a toll both physically and emotionally, especially when ‘relaxing’ can mean spending even more hours looking at screens.

With a growing focus on sustainability and the wellbeing impact of spending time in green spaces, it’s a good time to bring the outdoors back into your life with the College and Community Life’s Plant a Seed project. This includes a variety of activities you can participate in on the Canterbury campus, gaining new skills, get your hands dirty and developing an understanding of basic potting, seeding and growing skills, whilst highlighting different ways to reuse household items and reduce your personal carbon footprint. The project also provides an opportunity to meet other students, explore and relax in the beautiful Kent Community Oasis Garden and meet the wonderful team who run it.

Check out the College and Community Life Calendar for further details of these and more opportunities, and to book your free place at one of these sessions:

Fancy getting your hands on a free house plant? Come along to Templeman Library or the central Plaza on Thursday 3rd March, where we’ll be giving out plants and information on many more wellbeing and nature opportunities at Kent for Universities’ Mental Health Day, check out #WellbeingUniKent for more related activities!

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Written by Tom Dixon, 09.02.22

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