What are you aiming for in 2022? Help is at hand!

open note book with words 'New Year' and a tick list of 'goal; plan; action'

The College and Community Life team are making it their New Year’s Resolution to help you stick to yours…

Let’s be honest, New Year’s Resolutions are notoriously difficult to stick to…. and if you don’t have support in place it can be hard to change your behaviours or invite new things into your life. But for 2022 your College and Community Life Team want to inspire you to think positive and be supportive. This time around we’re adamant that we’ll all meet our goals, and we’ll do it together!

You’re probably thinking to yourself  “Right, sure, and how exactly do you expect that to happen?” Well, here’s the thing… As the Spring Term begins, so too does our brand-new scheme, which we’re calling ‘Resolution Rescue’ The basic idea behind Resolution Rescue is pretty simple: you tell us what your Resolution is, and we in the College and Community Life Team, will find a way to support you in it!

Whether you’re striving to improve your mental health, take more time for the things you love, be more active or learn a new skill, we want to be a part of you achieve it.  From things like “Gym Buddy” introductions, to quick and easy “how-to” videos, the CCL team are teeming with ideas on how we can help you start your year off right.

Looking to spend more time outdoors for 2022?

Join Yoga on the Lawn, Monthly Walks, Weekly Runs, or Outdoor Crafts.

Want to improve your cooking and impress the family? 

How about some International Recipe Swaps, Short and Sweet Video Tutorials, or even In-Person Sessions with the Catering Teams on Campus?

Maybe you’re just eager to meet new people and re-ignite your social life?

We’ll help you plan Games Nights, Coffee Corners, College Movie Nights and more! The opportunities are endless, so what are you waiting for? The first step in getting your New Year’s Resolution on track is as simple as filling out this online questionnaire on your goals to let us know what you’re hoping to do!


Written by Elissa Nicholson, student Residential Life Assistant, on 19.12.21

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