New podcast episode on healthy relationships and demystifying consent – Listen now


Staff and students discuss Kent’s new sex-positive campaign

A new episode of the Student Services podcast – Kent Voices – is out now!

In this episode available on Kent Player we deep dive into healthy relationships and demystifying consent. Our guests are Becky and Filipa from Student Support and Wellbeing, who are behind the University’s sex-positive consent campaign, ‘Consent. Get it. Full stop.’, and students Charlotte and Meghan from the community action group Respect the No, who do great work on spreading awareness of sexual violence and assault and fostering a safer, happier campus.

We talked about so much, from the intimidating idea that everyone at university has sex all the time, to certain things we learn in sex education about sex, pleasure, and relationships that turn out to not be accurate.

They’ve shared their own experiences and advice – and quite a few hilarious stories. You might learn about initiatives and support at the University of Kent that you weren’t aware were even there, like the Consent campaign and the peer and professional support offered at the University.

Listen to this episode of Kent Voices on Kent Player for the full conversation. We hope you enjoy it and that it provides food for thought, and interesting conversation with friends.

Check out campaign information by following @UniKentCCL on social media, and look up #ConsentGetIt to see which other accounts are supporting this campaign at the University of Kent, and how you can get involved.

Written by Filipa Paes, third year student, on 22.11.21


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