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Here’s a message from the Remote Study Residential Life Assistant (RLA), Abigail about the Remote Study College Committee and why you should join:

‘Hi, my name is Abigail. I am a postgraduate student studying an MA in Curating. I am also a Residential Life Assistant (RLA). As you probably already know, there are 8 colleges at the University of Kent and each college has an RLA. I am the current RLA for Eliot College.

‘Interesting additional fact about me, I am also currently the only RLA that is remote. The University has gone a long way to bring as many students back on campus as possible for in person learning. However, there remains a large community of students like us who for one reason or the other are still remote. This fact sparked conversation between the College and Community Life Team and the RLAs and we have decided to create the Remote Study College Committee to cater specifically to the needs of the remote student community.

‘The traditional college committee is made up of student volunteers who plan encouraging and fun events for their college to promote student socialisation and keep up the community spirit at Kent.

‘The remote student experience, as we know, is vastly different from that of the typical student’s and so to ensure that we can make the very best of our student experience, I would like to invite YOU! Yes, you reading this, to join the Remote Study College Committee.

‘Help us to help you to make new friends, create a more accessible and inclusive environment, as well as plan, promote and manage the kind of events YOU want to see.

‘To find out more information about this committee and how you can join, contact


Written by Abigail Fakoya, Residential Life Assistant, 25.10.21

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