You’ve just moved in – What do you need to do?

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You’re settling into your new off-campus accommodation –  what do you need to think about next to make sure you’re sorted at your new address?  

You’re settling into your new off-campus accommodation –  what do you need to think about next to make sure you’re sorted at your new address?  

The College and Community Life Team have put together a checklist to help: 

  • Register to Vote  

Have you registered to vote at your new address? Don’t miss out on the chance to make a positive change to the Canterbury district.   

  • Register with a GP  

Are you in a whole new area? Register with your local GP. If you’re not far from your existing GP practice and wish to stay there for your medical care, inform them of your new address. If you are a Canterbury student registered with the University Medical Centre on campus, you can stay registered there for the duration of your time as a student.  

  • Check that you’ve changed your address on any mailing lists  

Do you have any delivery subscriptions, services or regular post such as bank statements that went to your old address? Make a list and then set aside time to notify all those providers of your new address.  

  • Update your details on Kent Vision 

Is your term time address on KentVision correct? Check and amend your address, by going to KentVision and then ‘My Details’, and then ‘My Personal Details’.  

  • Set up a standing order or direct debit for rent and bills 

Avoid late payments on rent and bills – set up an automated standing order or direct debit so you’re not relying on memory. Check out this article from Money Helper on the best way to pay bills. 

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours 

Have you said hello to your new neighbours? It’s worth developing a good relationship with people living nearby so you can be a help for one another. If you’re planning on hosting a party, let your neighbours know in advance, and agree some conditions about noise, music and finishing time. 

  • Test your smoke detectors are working 

It’s mandatory for your landlord to ensure you have working smoke detectors in your property. You can check they are functional by pressing the “test” button on your alarm.  

  • Make your new room your style 

Adding your own decorative touches to a place can make it feel like home, but take care to ensure you don’t break your contract by making any permanent marks or changes. There are ways to hang things on walls without leaving marks to avoid fines or withheld deposits at the end of the year. 

Sit back and relax in your new home!  

Need support? 

If you need any welfare support when you’re living off-campus, email Community Life Officer, Josh Turner: or call 01227 823141. 

Written by Josh Turner, Community Life Officer, 18.10.21


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