DIY banner stands, Storm Doris and snow!

Emma Drewitt, Recruitment Officer

Throughout February the Recruitment team at Kent have once again been visiting many different schools and colleges. I met some brilliant students in Southampton who were all looking forward to going to University this September.

I spoke to them all about what they could expect from student life, they asked me about how freshers’ week works, the best societies to join and tips on how to manage their money. I also had the chance to speak to parents and students at one of our local schools, Sir Roger Manwood’s in Sandwich about the dreaded topic of student finance.

Hopefully after my talk it wasn’t so dreaded anymore, and both parents and students certainly seemed more relaxed. Researching different scholarships is really worthwhile when choosing your university as different institutions have such a range of scholarships available and you never know what you might be eligible for! We have a great ‘find a scholarship’ tool on our website which is worth having a look at

I also had the opportunity to travel to Riga in Latvia last week. It wasn’t smooth getting there as I missed my flight thanks to Storm Doris! This is the first flight I have ever missed so it was a little stressful. Luckily, after queuing at Stansted airport to speak to someone from Ryanair for hours I managed to get on a flight 24 hours later and was on my way. It was -5 and snowing heavily in Riga, so I was glad I took lots of layers. We had a different style of stand at this event, we had a blackboard to decorate rather than our conventional banner stands!

Riga (Latvia) in the snow
A snowy (and very cold!) Riga
University of Kent chalkboard display board
Design your own stand!

We will be continuing to welcome our applicants onto campus this month to find out more about life at Kent and their chosen subject areas. Applicant days are great for being able to get to know a university and see if it is right for you. I loved speaking to current students when I was an applicant, they can always tell you so much about the course and help you decide on a firm university. Good luck with choosing your final two universities in the coming weeks from everyone at Kent.