Events, events, events!

By Lydia Greenhalgh, Recruitment Officer


The recruitment team has been on the go, on the road and in the air, so much since Christmas but it’s been a successful period for us all as we have travelled around Greece and Cyprus, Romania and Brussels, Italy and Paris and all around the UK. I have really enjoyed my events in Europe, especially working with the British Council in Thessaloniki and Athens, and attending some extremely busy events around Romania.

Travelling from Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca and then onto Brasov gave me the opportunity to discover some beautiful cities in my free time, and the trip was so enjoyable as the students I spoke to were incredibly enthusiastic about studying, and very keen to start their higher education experience in the UK. It seems that in both Greece and Romania, Kent is a popular choice for further study and it was great to have a buzz of students around the stand who were getting excited about studying at Kent. As 11.2% of our student population is already made up of European students, it would be great to add to that percentage in the coming years!

It’s also been a busy time for travelling around the UK to different UCAS and HE fairs. I have mainly been visiting schools across Hampshire and Surrey, and recently returned to my old college in Alton to deliver a talk on personal statements to their year twelve students. The talk aimed to give the students structure to their statements, but also gave them a good idea of the type of work experience they could be doing now in order to strengthen their applications.

Many of them stopped at the end of the talk to pick up tip sheets and ask questions, which is important and great that they are taking the next few months so seriously before they start writing their statements. On another note, I also really enjoyed the Portsmouth and Isle of Wight and East Midlands UCAS fairs, which, despite their geographical differences, were both busy for us and well attended by local schools and colleges.

As a team it is also a busy time for campus visits and last week I had a visit from Sint Joris College in the Netherlands who had come for a campus tour. They were all impressed with the campus buildings, especially our sports and library facilities. However, they were also really excited to visit the beautiful city of Canterbury (and Primark!) during their brief visit.

It is now a bit quieter for the recruitment and marketing team, but June and July are set to be busy months. Plenty more UCAS events to attend and the Canterbury campus will open its doors to prospective students on Saturday 2 July!