Perspective view of the LaNiC2 crystal structure
The non-centrosymmetric crystal structure of LaNiC2. When cooled below 2.7K, this material enters an unusual superconducting state that breaks time-reversal symmetry.

I am a theorist trying to understand strongly-correlated electron systems (SCES), that is, materials whose behaviour cannot be understood in terms of simple, independent-electron approximations. Usually this involves building up simple models that capture the essential features of the problem, leaving out unnecessary details, and then solving this model either on the computer or analytically, if practicable. My work in this area benefits from our ties with experimental groups worldwide that produce interesting data calling for an explanation.

Current themes spanned by my research include unconventional superconductors, topological transitions and excitations, quantum magnets, optical lattices, and quantum entanglement. Occassionally I also tackle problems within the broader are of complex systems but outside SCES research, e.g. the statistical physics of networks.