Why you should get involved

Josh Clarke, Student Ambassador

Hi everyone,

My name’s Josh and I am a psychology student and the student ambassador for the University of Kent’s Hub for Innovation and Enterprise. If I haven’t bombarded you with flyers on campus already, I’m sure you’ll see me at some point throughout the term.

There is a good reason for me handing out these flyers. The University of Kent’s Hub for Innovation and Enterprise is something that more students need to know about and get involved in. The Hub’s main goal is to help student’s start-up businesses, and develop the skills needed for entrepreneurship. I would strongly suggest getting involved with the Hub’s competitions, workshops and advice sessions, regardless of your degree subject or future ambitions.

I’ll explain why….

Last year my housemate and I entered the Hub’s Big Ideas competition. This is a competition that runs in the spring term and involves entering a business idea no matter what it may be and pitching it to judges dragon’s den style. We came up with an idea a few weeks before the deadline, and entered it not expecting too much. We finished third in the competition and since then have had masses of help from the Hub team to help develop our idea into a reality.


Our idea was fairly simple and involves helping university students get jobs. Now whether or not our business blows up and we make millions for the idea, or it completely fails, we have both benefitted hugely on a personal level. The Hub has helped us develop our entrepreneurial skills, I’ve learnt how to write a business plan, carry out business plans and set up meetings with market experts. And most importantly, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Remember that you don’t have to be a business student or have any previous business experience (I’m a psychology student with no business experience)! and you don’t even need to have a business idea already, the Hub mentors can help you find gaps in markets!

I would recommend that every student gets involved with the hub, it’s a great opportunity and a fantastic way to make your CV stand out, and you may even come up with a million-pound idea!

A good place to start is the weekly business workshops, which are every Friday at the innovation centre. And keep an eye out for the next competition. If you see me on campus don’t be afraid to say hello or ask any questions!

Have a good day,


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