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Cuba ‘exceeded all expectations’ for Hispanic Studies students

Four final-year Hispanic Studies students spent three weeks in Havana during the Easter vacation on a work placement thanks to funding from the Faculty of Humanities Mobility Fund and the generosity of John Washington, a donor to the University.

Two students worked at the University of Havana teaching English, and two worked as translators for the cultural journal La Jiribilla. Dr William Rowlandson, Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies, said: ‘The placements offered cross-cultural engagement and skills exchange, and the students benefited from immersed language practice in context, increased spoken fluency, broadening of cultural horizons, and the development of specific skills including teaching, presenting and translation.’

Carla Biondi commented: “Within the first day, [Cuba] had exceeded all my expectations. I suddenly understood what I’d always been told: ‘Cuba has to be seen, it can’t be described’”.

João Martins Pereira said: “As an aspiring teacher, the experience proved to me that it is still possible to learn and teach incredible lessons even if the only resources to hand are passion, dedication, a chalkboard and a slightly outdated textbook. During the placement, we gave presentations on the UK education system, British stereotypes, and even an amusing quiz on the English language and British culture. At the end of the placement, we gave the students some England football team branded wristbands and some keyrings kindly donated by Kent Union. Overall, it was an amazing experience which I would not hesitate to do again if I had the chance.”

Stephen Hockley described the experience as: “…fantastic and so rich. To have been the recipient of an internship that took me across the world and into the suburbs of Havana is always going to be a cool thing. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.”

Rudimental, Rochester Castle

Special discount for Rudimental (Sound System) concert

Rudimental (Sound System) with special guests Example and Mahalia will be performing on Wednesday, 10 July at the Rochester #CastleConcerts.

Rudimental will be performing a DJ set with live vocals and brass with:

  • Mark Crown playing the trumpet
  • Taurean Antonie Chagar playing the saxophone
  • Morgan Connie Smith and Bridget Amofah on vocals

Tickets are just £35 (down from £48.50).  Whether you’re a full or part-time student, or member of staff, simply select the student option at the checkout!  And please tell your friends.

Get your tickets now via Medway Tickets Live.

For more information, see the Castle Concerts webpages.


people sat on chairs looking at a screen which says "Accessibility in the Microsoft Product Suite"

Kent Digital Accessibility Conference

Over 200 delegates joined us from across the county and beyond for the first Kent Digital Accessibility Conference, which was held on Thursday 6 June at the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus.

The conference celebrated the partnership between the University of Kent and Kent Connects (an IT partnership of public sector organisations in Kent), who have been working together to improve digital inclusion and accessibility. The conference was organised as an opportunity to share information and resources with the wider community in the field of digital accessibility.

The conference consisted of talks from industry experts such as Microsoft, Government Digital Service, Kent County Council and University of Kent staff and students. The talks focused on their experience and advice to organisations in the region who need to meet their obligations under new Public Sector Digital Accessibility Regulations.

Many speakers highlighted the positive impact for all users when digital content is made truly accessible, whether they currently have a disability or not. The afternoon was dedicated to practical workshops to upskill attendees on Accessibility in Microsoft; Auditing for Accessibility; Legislation; Writing in plain English and describing visual content; and Tools for productivity.

Attendees commented that it was a pioneering event, and that the information shared addressed a real knowledge gap in the public sector, inspiring them to return to their institutions and put into practice improvements in their digital offering for greater inclusion.

For further information please see the accessibility webpages

group of students in graduation gear sitting smiling at each other

Ensure the correct name is on your graduation certificate

DEADLINE: Monday 17 June by 17.00.

Ensure the correct name is on your graduation certificate.

There are strict rules governing your legal name which should appear in full on your certificate as on other legal documents, i.e. passport.

  1. Check your name on Student Data System – this is how it will be printed on your certificate

If it is correct? You do not need to do anything further regarding your legal name.

If it is NOT correct, please see step 2 below.

  1. If your legal name is not correct, you must contact the Central Student Administration Office.

You must contact CSAO ( if your legal name is wrong before the deadline listed above. If you submit a name change after your ceremony, your certificate will not be reprinted.

close up of doctors arms holding stethoscope

Have you had your MMR and MenACWY vaccines?

Make sure you’re up-to-date with your measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and MenACWY vaccines. And if you’re not, book in with your GP Surgery to get the vaccine.

University campuses are the perfect environment for measles and meningococcal diseases to spread.

Make sure you register with the local GP surgery and look out for symptoms of measles and meningitis.

Facts about measles

  • Measles is circulating in England and in Europe, particularly among 15 -25 year olds.
  • Measles is very infectious, it can cause serious complications and, in rare cases, can be fatal.
  • Measles can be more severe in young people and adults, often leading to hospital admissions.
  • Measles starts with cold-like symptoms and sore red eyes followed by a high temperature and a red-brown blotchy rash. If you experience these symptoms, call NHS 111.
  • The best way to protect yourself against measles is have two doses of the MMR vaccine. It is never too late to get the vaccine. There are no risks to your health if you get an extra dose.
  • Young people are strongly advised to check if they had the MMR vaccine. Check if you have had two doses of the vaccine with your GP and arrange a catch up NOW if necessary.
  • If you suspect you have measles stay away from others for at least four days after the rash has appeared.
  • Call NHS 111 if you think you might have measles or have been in contact with someone who has had it.

Facts about meningococcal disease

  • Meningitis and septicaemia can develop suddenly and can kill or leave people with life changing disabilities and health problems.
  • There has been a rapid increase in MenW, a type of meningococcal disease in recent years in the UK.
  • This recent MenW strain has been particularly serious and can be difficult to diagnose because it has been associated with symptoms less frequently seen with meningococcal disease, such as severe diarrhoea and vomiting.
  • Symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia include: a blotchy rash that doesn’t fade when a glass is rolled over it, fever, aching muscles and joints and a stiff neck.
  • The MenACWY vaccine is available free to students who are going to university for the first time up until their 25th birthday.
  • Any student born after 1 September 1996 who missed the MenACWY vaccine at secondary school can have the vaccine before their 25th
  • Higher Education students are known to be at increased risk of meningitis and septicaemia. Being in confined environments with close contact, such as university halls, hostels when travelling, or attending festivals, increase the chances of infection if unprotected.
  • Students should be aware of the symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia and tell someone if they or their friends feel unwell.
  • It is vital for students to register with a GP and take up the vaccination as soon as possible. You can book an appointment to get the MenACWY vaccine via your GP.

Read 5 avoidable health threats every student should know about for more information.

students sitting and chatting

Part-time student jobs for next year

Are you interested in playing a part in student and college community life, promoting and supporting initiatives and assisting students?

If so, this could be a great opportunity for you to be employed with the University and develop the graduate attributes and experience you need to be a top graduate.

Student College Community Life Officer position

There are six Student College Community Life Officer positions available at Canterbury reference OTR-023-19 for the 2019/2020 academic year starting in September.

There is one officer post available at Medway which should be applied to via the Medway vacancy reference OTR-022-19.

Student College Community Life Assistant position

There are 16 Student College Community Life Assistant positions available at Canterbury reference OTR-021-19 for the 2019/2020 academic year starting in September.

There are three assistant posts available at Medway which should be applied to via the Medway vacancy, reference OTR-020-19.


Mechanical Engineering course launched by EDA

EDA launches Mechanical Engineering courses as part of STEM expansion

The University of Kent is proud to promote its undergraduate course in Mechanical Engineering  (available to apply for via the UCAS website), which marks a major development for the University as it broadens its offerings to students.

Two streams of Mechanical Engineering are offered: a three-year stream and a four-year stream that includes a year in industry. The course has been designed in response to the growing demand in the UK workforce for graduates with STEM skills such as robotics, driverless vehicles and renewable energy systems.

The course provides a solid grounding in statics and dynamics, properties of materials, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, mechatronics, control, instrumentation, mathematics, electronics, and programming. Students also work on a variety of hands-on projects combining mechanical design and control systems, supervised by specialist academics.

There is a focus on employability and career development activities offered across all the engineering degree programmes at Kent, including industrial interaction and placement opportunities.

The course is part of a wider focus within the University to expand its STEM offerings, including the Kent and Medway Medical School and the Institute for Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine, as in line with the growing demand for STEM skills. It is open to applicants now, with the first cohort beginning their studies in September 2020.

Winners of the 2019 Graduate School prizes

In 2018 the Graduate School introduced a series of prizes to recognise the excellence of its postgraduate researchers and the outstanding work carried out by academic and administrative staff members in support of postgraduate research and education.

This year the Graduate School are delighted to announce the winners of the 2019 Graduate School Prizes. The winners are invited to celebrate their success during a BBQ and Awards Ceremony at the Kent Researchers’ Showcase on Thursday 30 May in Sibson.

Congratulations to all 2019 Graduate School Prize winners.

Winners of the Postgraduate Research Prize 

Ann Christine Kinzer –  PhD Candidate, School of European Culture and Languages

Chloe Johnson –  PhD Candidate, School of Biosciences

Katja May –  PhD Candidate, School of English

Winner of the Research Degree Supervisor Prize

Dr Edward Morgan-Jones – Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics, School of Politics and International Relations

Winner of the School Director of Graduate Studies Prize

Dr Catherine Robinson –  Director of Graduate Studies, Kent Business School

Winners of the Postgraduate Administrator Prize

Angela Whiffen – Postgraduate Administrator, School of Arts

Claire Taylor – Centre Manager, Centre for American Studies and Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Winner of the Postgraduate Teacher Prize

Recep Onursal – PhD Candidate and Assistant Lecturer, School of International Relations and Politics

The Graduate School was delighted to receive such a high volume of exceptional nominations for this year’s Graduate School Prizes competition.

The Graduate School recognises the significant contribution made to the University of Kent by Postgraduate Researchers, Research Degree Supervisors, School Directors of Graduate Studies, Postgraduate Administrators and Postgraduate Teachers across the University. We would like to thank everyone for their excellent work in support of postgraduate education and research at Kent.