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USS dispute update – Acas proposals

The next step for the current USS dispute has now been announced at national level. The conciliation service Acas has made proposals which UCU and UUK will now take to consultation with respective parties. As part of the Acas proposal, UCU will consult its branches and members on ending industrial action.

The proposals are as follows:

  1. A formally agreed Joint Expert Panel, comprised of actuarial and academic experts nominated in equal numbers from both sides will be commissioned, to deliver a report. Its task will be to agree key principles to underpin the future joint approach of UUK and UCU to the valuation of the USS fund.
  2. It will require maintenance of the status quo in respect of both contributions into USS and current pension benefits, until at least April 2019.
  3. There will be a jointly agreed chair whose first step will be to oversee the agreement of the terms of reference, the order of work and timescales with the parties. Any recommendations by the group must be based on a majority view of the panel without the use of a casting vote. A secretariat, jointly agreed by the parties, will be appointed.
  4. The panel will focus in particular on reviewing the basis of the scheme valuation, assumptions and associated tests. It will take into account the unique nature of the HE sector, inter-generational fairness and equality considerations, the need to strike a fair balance between ensuring stability and risk. Recognising that staff highly value Defined Benefit provision, the work of the group will reflect the clear wish of staff to have a guaranteed pension comparable with current provision whilst meeting the affordability challenges for all parties, within the current regulatory framework.
  5. The panel will make an assessment of the valuation. If in the light of that contributions or benefits need to be adjusted in either direction, both parties are committed to agree to recommend to the JNC and the trustee, measures aimed at stabilising the fund to provide a guaranteed pension broadly comparable with current arrangements.
  6. Alongside the work of the panel both sides agree to continue discussion on the following areas: comparability between TPS and USS; alternative scheme design options; the role of government in relation to USS; and the reform of negotiating processes to allow for more constructive dialogue as early as possible in the valuation process.
  7. Support for this process will need to be sought from the USS trustees and the pensions regulator, recognising their statutory responsibilities. Both UCU and UUK will make the necessary approaches to seek this support.
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Industrial action update: GTAs, HPLs and other timesheet colleagues

Earlier this week, the Vice-Chancellor & President Professor Karen Cox  wrote of her concerns over campus relations between us all, staff and students, and announced that the University will not  be deducting any pay for action short of a strike (ASOS) for this period of action and that we were talking to Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) about our Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) and hourly-paid lecturers (HPLs) positions to ensure there is no long-term detrimental impact if they choose to take strike action.

As a result of these discussions, the University has made the following changes to the position of GTAs, HPLs and other timesheet colleagues involved in the current action.

Changes to our Pay Policy

With respect to our GTA colleagues, and in recognition of their positions both as students and employees, we will be making no pay deductions at all related to this current period of UCU industrial action. There are no conditions attached to this decision.

With respect to HPLs and timesheet colleagues we will guarantee the offer of additional hours to match any hours they lose through industrial action once they have ceased their participation in the action. We will exercise this offer positively and flexibly where HPLs or timesheet colleagues, for reasons outside of their direct control, may have difficulty in accepting initial re-offers of work. With respect to HPLs and where it makes sense to do so (eg because a HPL contact hour has been missed due to strike action but there is still a requirement to undertake exam marking) we will pay for work at flat rate. Schools will make clear to HPLs in advance of requiring marking to be done whether they regard this marking as connected with earlier contact hours which have been worked (and therefore payment has already been received for the associated marking) or whether the relevant work will be paid at flat rate. No staff will be expected to work without payment.

This position, will be reflected in the HR FAQs and pay policy as soon as we are able. We will also edit our pay policy and FAQs so that there is no longer a reference to deductions for Action Short of a Strike (ASOS). These changes may though take a couple of working days to be made. In the meantime, all Timesheet and HPL colleagues should now complete a ‘Record of Hours Not Worked’ form for the hours they were due to have worked, but have missed due to industrial action. Once signed by the relevant Head, a copy will be returned to the member of staff and another retained by the school/department as a record of the hours to be offered in the future. The new form will be available on the HR website by Monday 12 March –

Professor Karen Cox, Vice-Chancellor

Industrial action update from Professor Karen Cox

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your letters, emails and face-to-face conversations over the last few days.

I acknowledge the challenges we have all been facing over the past few weeks with strike action. It is not easy trying to balance respecting the right to take action over an issue we all want resolving in the best interests of current and future staff, our University and the sector as a whole, with minimising the impact on our students and those colleagues not taking action. As I noted in an email to colleagues last week, I would like to thank all of you for the time, effort and energy that is going into working our way through this; it is much appreciated. I recognise many of you are juggling relationships and communications between students, staff taking action and those not taking action and I do not underestimate the emotional work that goes in to this when current and future relationships are trying to be maintained.

I have heard from staff and students from across the University. I have been ‘out and about’ and talking with staff and students as well and I am very concerned about how things have unfolded here at Kent in relation to the dispute over pensions. I want to assure you I am actively seeking to resolve these internally. It is not the way I want things to be and my aim is to get back to positive campus relations between us all, our staff and students. To that end, I have indicated that we will not be deducting any pay for action short of a strike (ASOS) for this period of action. In addition, we have been talking, and will continue to talk, with Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) about our Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) and hourly-paid lecturers positions to ensure there is no long-term detrimental impact if they choose to take strike action. I also appreciate all that is being done to mitigate the impact of any action on our students and hope that this will continue.

I will personally continue with my support for the need for decent pensions. I will also continue with my public calls for continued and constructive discussions between UCU and Universities UK (UUK) to resolve this. I made a public call to UUK in a letter dated 21 February on this which was reported in The Times and have continued to lobby UUK to this effect. I was very pleased when discussions resumed between UUK and UCU facilitated by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS). I will continue to publicly support constructive discussions. We have also been lobbying the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) on this issue as well with regard to the assumptions which underlie the valuation and which are driving the deficit. We have invited them to the University to discuss this and had face-to-face conversations to raise our concerns. We have also lobbied them via UUK. We will continue to exert this pressure.

Earlier this year, I embarked on a series of discussions in schools and professional services departments and these are continuing. I see these as a good opportunity to have conversations about our future as a University and how we can work together to create an even better working, learning and research environment. I hope I will get to meet more colleagues at one of these meetings or one of the other open forums I will be running later in the year.

I look forward to working together with you all and I thank you for all you do for the University on a daily basis.

Yours sincerely,


Professor Karen Cox, Vice-Chancellor and President

Professor Karen Cox, Vice-Chancellor

Vice-Chancellor welcomes UUK wish for futher talks

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Karen Cox has welcomed the confirmation from Universities UK (UUK) that it is asking for further talks with UCU and would be open to reintroducing defined benefits if economic and funding conditions improve. An open letter to all vice-chancellors, signed by both the UUK’s President and Chief Executive, said ‘We are open to changing the scheme again to reintroduce defined benefits if economic and funding conditions improve. To that end we have been and continue to ask for further talks with UCU on the future of the scheme’. The letter also invites members of the USS to put forward ‘any proposals you feel may not have been sufficiently considered.’

You can find all the latest information for staff about the proposed pension changes and the industrial action on the HR website including the latest updates from UUK.

Professor Karen Cox, Vice-Chancellor

VC’s blog: renewed national discussions needed on USS pensions

In her latest blog, Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Karen Cox gives an assurance that she will continue to press for a consideration of alternative options by UUK, UCU and the USS. Tomorrow (Friday 23 February) she will be meeting with Universities UK and vice-chancellors from across the sector and will ensure that Kent’s voice is among those calling for a resumption of national discussions on the future of the USS pension.

Read VC’s blog: renewed national discussions needed on USS pensions

You can find all the latest information for staff about the proposed pension changes and the industrial action on the HR website including the latest update from UUK.

Sport massage

Relax and refresh with Kent Sport special offers

With so much going on at the start of the new academic year you may be wondering how you are going to relax and recuperate from all the exciting activities. Kent Sport has the answer! From arrivals weekend until the end of November we have two special offers for students and staff and you don’t event have to be a member.

Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic (, located in the Sports Centre fitness suite, is offering a 30 minute sports massage for just £15. Amazing value! Whether you want to relieve muscle tension or prepare for your sport and fitness activities you are sure to feel pampered and refreshed afterwards. Just email, call 01227 824375 or drop by the Sports Centre reception to find out more and make a booking.

The Pavilion Cafe Bar has a delicious menu (, Sky tv and the best views of sport on campus. If you are looking for a place to relax, socialise with friends and enjoy great food, head on over to the Pavilion. Plus, from Arrivals until the end of November you will be treated to a free drink with any meal purchased at the Pavilion Cafe Bar. Drinks include soft drinks, tea and coffee, Oranjiboom, Spitfire and Thatchers.

That’s not all! Take part in either of these offers and you will automatically be in with a chance to win a free fitness package ( The package includes an initial fitness consultation, a fitness programme and a personal training session. Just be sure to provide your contact information at the Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic or Pavilion Cafe Bar.

To stay up to date with Kent Sport news, activities and offers follow @UniKentSports on social media.

Booking for Campus Shuttle now available

The Campus Shuttle booking is now open. Book a seat online at .

The Campus Shuttle is a free coach service between Canterbury and Medway campuses, exclusively available to University of Kent students and staff.

The shuttle will start running from Saturday 16 September.

Booking guarantees you a seat on the service. If you do not book, you can still travel with your Kent One or Kent Union card if seats are available.

More information can be found at

World languages

Give yourself an edge: Take a language as a wild module

To enhance your skills and future employability, do you know you can take either Arabic or Mandarin as part of your degree? There are still opportunities for you to sign up for various levels of studying Arabic or Mandarin from complete beginners to more advanced levels.

Benefits of language study

Learning a language is not only enjoyable, it improves your cultural awareness, develops your adaptability and makes you a more confident and effective communicator, and improves your future employability.

To expand your horizons, search our languages on the online module catalogue ( ) using the following codes: LA307, LA308, LA522 and LA523 for Arabic modules; LA302, LA303, LA502, LA503, LA518 and LA519 for Mandarin Chinese modules.

For more information, follow the link below to see what is on offer for you:

30 years on: a lecture by Professor Richard Sakwa

The School of Politics and International Relations is delighted to invite you to an event to celebrate Professor Richard Sakwa’s 30 years at the University of Kent.

Richard will be reflecting on, and trying to make sense of, the last 30 years of Russian, European and global politics, and his time at Kent in the last three decades, in a lecture titled ‘From Gorby to Corby: The Clash of New World Orders’

The lecture will be on Wednesday 20 September 2017 in Sibson Lecture Theatre 3, commencing at 17.00. There will be opportunity for some discussion afterwards, followed by a drinks reception held in Sibson Atrium from 18.45 until 20.00.

After periods working at the University of Essex and then the University of California, Santa Cruz, Richard joined the School on 1 September 1987. Since then, in numerous books, journal articles, chapters and edited works, he has written about the fall of the Soviet Union, the challenges facing post-communist Russia, the nature of the 1989 anti-revolutions, the turbulence in Europe, and developments in global politics. His latest book is Russia against the Rest: The Crisis of Post-Cold War Order (Cambridge University Press, due out in autumn 2017)

This is a free event but please confirm or decline your attendance to Jill Hayes via this link by adding your name and ticking the box if you are able to attend

Please email Jill Hayes ( confirmation or decline, should you have any difficulty with responding to the RSVP link above

Richard is very much looking forward to seeing you at his celebratory event!

Templeman Library Block C Floor

Templeman Library’s newly-refurbished centre opens

The Templeman Library is open across all four floors!

Two years ago, the centre of the Library closed for refurbishment as part of the Templeman Library Development project. Now it’s open again, with new study spaces and service locations. We’re still completing some moves and changes in time for the start of term, but we encourage you to come and have a look.

Read about the main changes you’ll see around the building.