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Flexible casual job opportunity with Umii

Umii has an exciting role open to all Kent students! Read below for more:

Who are Umii?

Umii was created by students, for students. The Founder of Umii suffered from
loneliness and poor mental health at university, finding it difficult to easily meet
like-minded people. Umii combats the issues of student isolation and loneliness
by offering an easy way for like-minded students to meet across campus and
build real-life friendships.

What Umii do:

Umii partners with Higher Education Institutions to provide a preventative
measure to loneliness and isolation to their students. They have developed a digital application that is used by students to connect with others at their university, in a safe and secure environment. The app is designed to create individual, meaningful friendships, by
connecting students based on their interests, course types and society preferences, allowing them to expand their social circle outside of their course and accommodation. We work closely with our partners to promote the app to students and encourage real-life friendships to form as a result.

Umii are looking for people who thrive in a startup environment and want to build
tech for good. Interested? Read on…

Job purpose

To help grow Umii at your university by taking part in Freshers fairs and
promotional campaigns, spreading the word about Umii to your fellow students.

Job Activities

  • Stall setup: Prepare and arrange all necessary materials, banners, and
    promotional items at the freshers fair stall to create an inviting and visually
    appealing display.
  • Student engagement: Proactively approach and engage students passing
    by the stall, initiating conversations to explain the features and benefits of
    the Umii app.
  • App promotion: Communicate effectively about the Umii app’s
    functionalities, emphasising how it facilitates student connections,
    enhances university life, and provides valuable resources.
  • Interactive activities: Develop and execute interactive activities or games at
    the stall to attract and engage students, fostering interest and creating a
    positive brand experience.
  • Sign-up support: Guide interested students through the process of
    downloading and registering for the Umii app, answering any questions
    they may have and addressing concerns.
  • Relationship building: Establish and maintain a friendly and approachable
    demeanour, actively listening to students’ feedback, suggestions, and
    concerns, and providing assistance whenever needed.
  • Brand ambassador: Act as a brand ambassador for Umii, maintaining a
    professional and knowledgeable image, and representing the company’s
    values and mission to create a positive impression among students.

This is a casual and flexible role. See Umii Ambassador Job Description.

If interested in the role, reach out to Umii at providing a little
information about yourself.