Members of the Kent Community Oasis Garden

Five reasons to love the Kent Community Oasis Garden

I was introduced to the Kent Community Oasis Garden (KentCOG) in my second year, coming along to the open sessions on Wed and Fri 10:00-14:00 when possible, fitting it around my studies. The project is such a warm, welcoming space. The volunteers and staff are lovely.

During a typical volunteering session, I might water the plants, plant more seeds, create a woodchip path, put in a fence, harvest crops that are ready, or paint flowerbeds. The work is varied and is very flexible based around your ability, needs, and mood.

There is always something to do and it is wonderful to be able to get stuck into an activity and properly switch off your mind. I always look forward to seeing the other volunteers. There are a wide variety of ages, knowledge and skills, and talking to people who come to the garden is always fascinating and lots of fun.

Bella’s top five reasons to love KentCOG:

  • Mental health: get outdoors and feel a sense of accomplishment at what you’ve achieved.
  • Physical health: planting, pruning and digging doesn’t feel like exercise, but it is!
  • Spending time offline: you can’t use your phone when you’re wearing gardening gloves!
  • Get closer to nature: the sound of birdsong, and fresh air of the outdoors.
  • Eat local food: volunteers can take home some of the veg that’s grown at the garden.

Like the sound of this? Gardening sessions take place on Wednesdays and Fridays, 10:00-14:00. Find out more on the KentCOG webpage, or follow them on Instagram.

Written by Isabella Sabin-Dawson (Final Year student) and Joshua Stevens (Student Services staff), 23.05.23