Sociology graduate returns to Kent with new production

Jamie Beddard graduated from Kent in 1991 with a Sociology Degree. Now he is coming back 30 years later as the writer of Delicate, a dance-circus production that come to Gulbenkian on Fri 2 Dec.

Jamie explained to us just how this happened:

“I recently returned to Canterbury and Whitstable for the first time in 30 odd years in search of some old haunts and friends, I was delighted to find both. So now I cannot believe I am back so soon, and Delicate is being presented at The Gulbenkian. I have not been back on campus since completing my Sociology degree in 1991. My college, Rutherford, was only one of four, and I used to roam the campus on my rusting tricycle. Whilst I did not excel at sociology or studying I grew up, became independent and met many lifelong friends. I only have fond memories of my time at Kent and it was instrumental on the journey I am still on today.

After leaving Kent I became a hopeless Youth Worker in Kilburn, before the BBC came knocking. They were making a film which required disabled actors and somehow got hold of my name. Acting had never been on my radar, and my main interest was visiting the iconic BBC building at White City.

To my utter astonishment I was offered the role in the film ‘Skalligrigg’ and a new career suddenly beckoned. Cut to 30 years later I’m returning with the play Delicate (Writer, Co-director). By complete chance the last gig of the tour that started in the Arctic Circle is ending at the Gulbenkian. For me personally there is a beautiful synergy about this.”

You can see Delicate by Extraordinary Bodies at Gulbenkian on Fri 2 Dec, 19.30.  More information can be found on the events website.

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