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Study Plus events: language taster sessions, leadership, growth mindset and more

Firstly, welcome to Study Plus Term 1 2022! We look forward to welcoming you to our Study Plus events.

Wednesday 21 September – Discover World Languages

Taster sessions for beginners who would like to have a go at a language, to gain some understanding of key traditions, learn and pronounce a range of simple key words, engage in basic everyday communication, introduce yourself in the target language, learn simple greetings and farewell phrases.

Following Week

Tuesday 27 September

 Study Plus – Understanding leadership styles by Ali Whelan 10.00 -11.30

The overall objective is to understand what we mean by leadership style, the importance of knowing your preferred style but when and how to use alternative styles. Also covered would be how to work effectively with your managers leadership style and the importance understanding leadership preferences and styles can help aid resilience.

Study Plus – Journaling Tools to help Manage Time, Efficiency and Wellbeing By Esther Van Hout 14.00-15.30

Research shows that journal writing has extensive health and wellbeing benefits, as well as being an effective way to help you plan the life you want. This workshop can help with situations as varied as gaining confidence in writing, exploring personal challenges, or keeping organised.

  • Learn what journal writing is and how it can benefit mental wellbeing.
  • Practise different journaling techniques, to focus your attention and express yourself through writing.
  • Learn how journaling can help you with self-care, creativity, and life-management.

Wednesday 28 September

Study Plus – Growth Mindset By Ali Whelan 11.00 – 12.30

To promote the concept of continuous personal development, positive curiosity, and resilience to succeed.

  • What is a growth mindset
  • Fixed mindset v Growth Mindset – 5 key areas
  • The power of ‘yet’
  • The role of feedback
  • ‘Creation of a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” (Dweck, 2015)

Study Plus – World Class Management Programme Introduction 13.00-13.30

This session will introduce you to the online World Class Manager programme. This programme can be completed at your own speed, introducing you to the actionable and highly practical ways to help managers get their best for themselves and their teams. It is designed around 12 habits of great leaders.

You don’t need to be a manager to attend the introduction and complete the course. This is designed to provide you with the knowledge you can take forward to your future employment.

Thursday September 29 September

Study Plus How to Manage Stress and Anxiety with Mindfulness By Esther Van Hout On Zoom 14.00-15.30.

This practical workshop will give you an introduction to research-based strategies for coping with stress and anxiety. We will focus on how mindfulness practice can give us tools to build our resilience in the face of study, work and life challenges. Research shows that this helps to reduce the levels of stress we experience and makes us more able to focus, improve creativity and make better decisions. We will practice mindfulness exercises and techniques together, which you can continue to use after the workshop.

How to sign up for a Study Plus event

Each of the event titles are hyperlinked to take you straight to Target connect booking page, where you can sign up to our events.

Please make sure you check the event description to make sure you know how it is being presented. If it is a virtual event, it will be delivered by Teams or Zoom and the joining link will be emailed to you prior to the event. If it’s being delivered in person, then you will receive a reminder email with the location.

Remember, when you attend a Study Plus event, we will make a record of your attendance and you will be able to claim 15 Employability points.

If you book and can no longer attend, please let us know by emailing as we do have limited places.

We look forward to seeing you!