KentVision Project Update 

Find out about the latest release of new features for the KentVision Project in our KentVision: Latest Tools story

Since the launch of KentVision last year, we have been engaging with diverse stakeholder groups across the University to determine the schedule for its immediate and future functionality development and release. The KentVision Board has established six Functional Area Working Groups to enable and assess feedback from a variety of individuals and teams across the University. This will enable us to best prioritise future improvements to the system. 

Functional Group members represent a mixture of colleagues from Divisions, professional services and central teams and are split across the following operational areas: 

  • Statutory and Core student record 
  • Admissions, Clearing and Recruitment 
  • Assessment 
  • Finance 
  • PGR 
  • Student Activity and Experience 

The proposed order of delivery has been assessed against the academic calendar and our statutory requirements. Further work will be undertaken following the completion of deliverables committed for August 2022 to strengthen and refine the delivery estimating and create a schedule for delivery into 2023. 

What will be delivered by August 2022? 

We have committed to introduce improved processes and functionality by August 2022. This will improve the experience for both staff and students. Some examples of this include: 

  • New automated communications for student immigration compliance will help us stay in touch with the relevant students and ensure we comply with government regulations. 
  • We are improving enrolment and re-registration processes to ensure accurate collection for Data Futures – improving data compliance and the student experience. 
  • Improved usability of the right to study screen in enrolment ensuring that students are able to progress through enrolment and re-registration in a timely manner, helping us comply with Home Office rules. 
  • We will continue to improve the results release process and result letters ensuring they are clear and meet the needs of our students for the re-sit period.  
  • Enhanced functionality including changes to improve progression/award rules and exam board reporting particularly for the re-sit period. Post-exam board functionality will allow chairs actions to be recorded and CSAO will be automatically notified – removing administration burden and preventing unnecessary communications. 
  • Full support for the clearing processes, ensuring permissions are allocated known issues are resolved, and underlying processes for the new telephone offers initiatives are enabled.  
  • Development of the integration between KentVision and the new CRM. 
  • A new process to roll forward scholarship fund reference data to the next academic year.  
  • Improvements to the student financial registration processes – ensuring facilitation of student engagement and timely addition of payment information. 

Next Steps? 

  • Technology and process improvements for statutory data compliance and PGR student management areas are to continue with deployments scheduled through July and August. Along with planning for the autumn – the new academic year and admissions cycle. 
  • A timeline for delivery from September 2022 of the far-ranging and numerous improvements will be shared at the end of August. 
  • Detailed business readiness activities, including transition plans and training and communication. 
  • Continuous updates on how our improvements, plans and communications are informed by feedback from our students and staff.