Emma Spiller completed Coppatrek!

Emma Spiller, Education and Student Experience Manager for LSSJ at the University of Kent has completed Coppatrek with Gi in support of the breast cancer prevention charity CoppaFeel!

With ‘I’m a Celebrity winner’ and author Giovanna Fletcher leading the way, Emma and 100 fellow participants trekked 100km of the beautiful, but unforgiving Pembrokeshire coastline navigating rocky terrain and steep accents over 5 days, and 6 nights whilst camping in between treks.

Celebrity captains including Strictly Professional dancer Amy Dowden, Comedian Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Body Positive Public Figure Megan Crabbe, and Love Island contestant Sophie Piper, led the groups and kept morale high throughout the week bringing laughter, support, and dance warm ups from Amy.

All of the trekkers had been affected by breast cancer either directly or indirectly, and some had only recently finished treatment making the achievement even more inspirational.

Emma has raised £2665, and the whole group together are on track to raise the target amount of £400,000.

The money raised will go towards raising awareness to educate young people on the signs of breast cancer, and how to check themselves regularly to empower individuals to seek help and advocate for themselves should they ever need to.

Whilst undertaking the fundraising Emma connected with Kent Uni Boob society who are also doing fantastic work in fundraising for CoppaFeel! and spreading this important message to University of Kent students.