Access skills development training and quizzes for free

Over the years, The MTD Training Group have provided several courses as part of the Employability Points programmes.

These have included Management Training CoursesSales Training Courses and also access to an Online Learning Platform.

They are now giving all Kent students access to several FREE resources to help them with their studies and to also help prepare them for the working world.

Leadership Test

Benchmarks your management and leadership skills against 12 competencies and 96 key skills. Learners receive a personalised report with the findings and tips on how to improve.

Coaching Skills Assessment

Just how good are you at coaching? Answer 36 questions and receive a personalised report of the results and areas to work on.

EQ Test

How emotional intelligent are you? We’re talking EQ not IQ here. How good are you are recognising and then managing your emotions? This 50-question diagnostic will reveal all.

Sales Skills Test

Answer 64 questions and receive a personalised report on your sales and influencing skills.

Management Apprenticeships

Further information on management and leadership apprenticeships.

Management Blog

Over 1,000 quality articles and blogs on leadership and management theories and models.

Sales Blog

Over 1,000 tips and techniques on how to improve your sales and marketing.

Sales Techniques & Free Sales Training Material

Videos, audios, and cheat sheets to help you improve your sales and sales management skills.